Rachel Stewart:

Hello and welcome.  I am overjoyed and honored that you are here.  I am a wife to Skip and mom to Callie.  I am a very flawed struggling woman who is very thankful for the forgiveness and grace of God.  My passion and desire is to know and love the Lord above all else.  I love sharing with others the things the Lord is showing me, and I love for others to share with me.  I believe, as Rick Warren says, that we cannot reach our full potential of what God has called us to be without the love, help, and encouragement of others along the way.  We need each other in order to grow and reach our goals.  I am finding that sharing the Lord with my precious friends is keeping me accountable, connected, and it’s encouraging me to seek Christ like never before.

I don’t want this blog to be all about me by any means.  You are welcome to just read the blog posts if you want to, but I would love for you to respond back sometimes with what the Lord is showing/teaching you.  I would love to learn from you too.  Let’s link arms together and make knowing and loving God our number one passion in life.


Adrian Johnson

Hey there y’all!  I’m a Jesus lovin’, southern gal at heart that loves sipping fruit tea and back porch sittin’ with friends.  I am a wife to Michael and a mom of two lively boys…they keep me on my toes!  I love to travel, take walks in the park, picnic, create, take photos, and host in our home whether friends or family, large groups or small.  Alongside women’s ministry, my other passion is teaching my children…we are a homeschooling family and I am quite sure I’ve learned just as much as my kiddos (or more!) as we’ve traveled this road together.  Above all, I’m learning to rely on daily grace and to see Jesus in the mundane moments of math, laundry, and dishes.  I desire to build up my house with wisdom and cultivate a joy-filled, life-giving space that thrives on the contentment of a quiet life with the Lord.
Jesus has been my Savior since the tender age of nine, but he became the LORD of my life many years later.  I began to dig deep into God’s Word and He was faithful to meet me, guide me, teach me, and mold me more and more into the image of His Son.  The journey hasn’t always been easy and I continually make mistakes along the way, but His mercies are new EVERY morning and for that I am so grateful.
My hope for this blog is that you would be encouraged by His Truth and come to face-to-face with the Majesty of our Lord.  A God that gave His only Son to demonstrate His love for us while we were yet sinners and rose again to give us abundant life everlasting.  That you would fully experience the Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love (Jesus Storybook Bible) of our beautiful Savior.


Caitlyn Parente:

Hi, my name is Caitlyn. Some of my favorite things are flowers, warm weather, and college football. I am less than a year away from moving off to college and really starting this life on my own. Day by day, I know that God is preparing me and teaching me, and I know that I’ll be ready when that time comes. I think writing about Him is an extension of my preparing and learning.
I love that God’s work is seamless and timeless. Every story in the Bible is layered with truth, and God begins to peel back those layers when we grow closer and dive deeper. He reveals something different and relevant to us every time we come back to His word. I want to share what He’s revealing to me, in hopes that it just might inspire or encourage you to live out your faith in a way that is bold and anything but ordinary. God is calling us out of our complacency and into all that He has for us. We just have to lean in and listen.

Brandi Hignight:

Hi, my name is Brandi.  I am 32 years old.  So upon our initial meeting, you may ask why I use a cane when I walk.  I would probably joke, “It goes with this outfit,” then tell you how I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS) when I was 19 years old.  For a long time I had no symptoms or small ones.  Now 13 years of small symptoms has caught up with me, and the cane affords me more freedom.  I may not always have to use it.  MS is funny in that way.

I have been a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ since I was blindsided with the truth of His love at 17 years old.  I say blindsided, because I thought I knew who He was.  I was wrong.  He is the king eternal, the Lord immortal, God invisible who alone is wise.

Jasmine Purdue:

I am a wife of seven years to my husband Devin and a mother to our two-year-old son Landon. I am a homemaker and absolutely love it. I grew up in a Christian home and received Christ at a very young age. As I became an adult, experienced some independence and entered the workplace, I unfortunately allowed the world to influence my life in a very negative way. I wondered away from the Lord and His standards and found myself in some debilitating health conditions that pulled me out of the workplace.

I knew the Lord had been dealing with me for a while and I refused to listen. I believe because of my disobedience, the Lord decided to remove me physically from my job and my peers. At first it seemed like we were not going to be able to pay our bills and over the next two years I lost two children.

BUT, what was some of the darkest times in my life God has used to bring me back to Himself in a way that is indescribable. He got me to a place where I was totally dependent on Him for my marriage, my health, our finances, and the future family we were trying so hard for. During this season I sought the Lord in a way I never had before. I experienced His financial provisions every month, my marriage became stronger, and I experienced His powerful peace and grace in loss that was unexplainable.

Five years ago, the Lord turned my whole world upside down and it has been an unbelievable blessing ever since. God is faithful. God is just. God provides. I am so thankful that God did not give up on me. He never turned His back on me. I never strayed too far not to be forgiven. He drew me back to Himself and my faith has never been stronger.

I desire so much to encourage women to be radically different in their walks with Christ…to experience His presence, true fulfillment and happiness in the place He has called you to be. I am honored to share in this life journey with you.

Les Turner:

I am a father of two and married to Debi, the Best Friend God could have ever given me for 30 years now. For most of my life I did not have room for God. I was just living for me, and my pleasures. But 15 years ago I had a encounter with Jesus and He showed what sin was robbing me of and how miserable my life had been and the Joy and peace I was missing.

Since then I have felt loved and found a love for people that I did not know I had and a purpose that I knew I was to fulfill. This has lead me into the jail, homeless and hungry ministries and to minister to men`s groups talking to men who are hurting, lonely, angry- lost and need pointed to friend that sticks closer than a brother. I’m doing my best to love, learn,  and live like Jesus everyday.

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