See It Through

By Jasmine Perdue

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19

I am a Stephen Furtick fan thanks to Rachel Stewart! 🙂 It is amazing to hear the truths that he draws from Scripture. Over the course of a few days I listened to one of his series of messages entitled “How to Be Brave.” He said we as Christians read Philippians 4:19 and think, “Oh that is so wonderful. The Lord will supply our needs, protect us and keep us from hardships.” But, then he presented a statement that stopped me dead and my tracks.

 What if God wants to show us His supply through showing us our needs?

How many times have we been in a jam and short on money for bills, car repairs, house repairs or maybe some doctor’s bills? How many times have we known someone who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, running out of time to live and we beg God for a miracle of healing? What about those who have lost their job and don’t have a clue where to turn for the income they need? What about the close family member who refuses to accept the Lord as their Savior and we fear their passing? In all of these situations there are legitimate needs and sometimes we question God.

Why did You allow this to happen Lord?

Do you not see their time is running out?

Where are You?

Do you not know this bill is due today?

But let me ask you this question:

What if God wants us to see His supply through our pain?

You see, hardships and trials are the places that we can see God’s endless supplies. The Lord never promised in His Word that we would not have trials, loss, pain, diseases, and battles.

He did promise to be with us, but sometimes we have to go through the fire to get where He needs us to go.

Think about Daniel in the lion’s den. He was being obedient to follow the Lord, but he was still thrown in the lion’s den. God did not spare him from the trial and the very fearful reality of facing death. But, Daniel was faithful through the trial. He did not back out from the pressure and fear. We then see God deliver him from the mouths of the lions at the very last minute.

How about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They were not willing to bow down to false idols so they were thrown into a fiery furnace. They too faced death for being obedient. They did not give in under the pressure, and the Lord Himself showed up in the furnace with them. Not only did they all survive the fire, but they came out completely untouched from the flames.

What about faithful Job? God allowed Satan to test him by taking his livestock, his health, his servants, and even all of his children. Job would not curse God. He was faithful in the unexplainable, painful trial. At the end of the story we see God reward him with double the blessings he had before.

What about Abraham and how the Lord told him to sacrifice his son? Abraham was obedient… in spite of the pain in his heart. He chose to be obedient even though he did not understand God’s plan. At the very last minute when Abraham lifted his sword to kill Isaac the Lord provided a lamb for the sacrifice instead.

How many times do we think, “God you are late. What are you doing Lord?” You know these individuals probably thought the exact same things.

 BUT they would not have seen God’s endless supply had He delivered them sooner.

May we understand that the trials the Lord has us go through are platforms to see His power and grace in ways that we never could otherwise. I know they are not fun. I know we wish we did not have to go through them. But pain and hardships can and will allow us to experience miracles of provision, healing, peace and blessings if we will choose to “See It Through!”

The Lord cares more about our character than He does our comfort. Our faith and character would never be strengthened if things were always easy.

James 1:2-3 says, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”

Before Jesus was to die on the cross He even asked His Father, “May this cup be passed from me?” He did not want to endure the hardship, but He was faithful even through His death. Aren’t you glad that the Lord was faithful to see it through so that you can have salvation and life eternally? Had He buckled under the pressure we would have no hope and no forgiveness of our sins. There would be no mercy and grace. He took our place on that cross when He said, “IT IS FINISHED!”

May we be faithful in whatever cup the Lord has us to drink to “See it Through.” May we have the faith that can move mountains in our trials. And may we not buckle under pressure so that we can experience and see the Lord’s endless supply.


Check out Stephen Furtick’s message “See It Through” if you get a chance today.

See It Through

One thought on “See It Through

  1. Oh man!!! I love this!! You’re so right. God is so right!!!
    We recently went through the fire. My husband lost his job and I’m a stay at home mom. I remember thinking the moment I found out we were not going to get a paycheck the next week. It was done. No more money. What in the world are we going to do??
    Why did this happen??
    Lord, please!!!!!
    But within a few moments it felt like, maybe a few hours…. I knew He was with us. That He had this! So what we may lose our home, we may need to go without cable?? We need to go with preschool?? We need to go without a YMCA membership??? So what if I can’t buy my kids new clothes or shoes or toys??? I knew that He would provide our needs! I did not doubt that for a moment!!
    And later on I remember telling my husband and a few friends. I really don’t want to get comfortable again. I wanted to always depend on the Lord to provide. Not our status or money or jobs. I wanted it all to come from the Lord!!
    And yes it does remind me of fiery furnace in Daniel. Not only did they come through the fire, the scriptures say they didn’t even SMELL OF SMOKE!!! Wow!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!! Love it!!

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