Depth not Distance

By Rachel Stewart

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”  Romans 11:33

Did you know that there’s not a verse in the Bible that says every Christian should read the Bible through in one year? Did you know there’s not a scripture that says a Christian has to read the Bible for three hours every day?

I don’t know about you, but that just frees me up.

Our quiet times don’t have to consist of reading 20 chapters in 30 minutes.

Pastor Buddy Owens says, “It’s not about distance. It’s about depth.”

He gave an example of a glass of lukewarm water and a tea bag. He said if the tea bag is quickly dipped in and out of the water, the tea bag doesn’t have enough time to permeate through the water. But if it is dipped it in the water and left to steep for a while, the tea bag will saturate through the water. It changes the whole identity of the liquid.  It is no longer water, it becomes tea.

That is exactly what will happen to us as we saturate ourselves in God’s Word.

It’s not about how much we read, it’s about how deep we allow the scripture to steep into our souls.

We just need to get in the Word EVERY DAY.

Some days it might be for five minutes. Other days it might be an hour. Some days we might only read a couple of verses. Still others, we might read several chapters.

Here are a few ideas and examples:

I heard one speaker say she studied the book of Acts for an entire year. (Wow! Talk about depth!)

One pastor encouraged his congregation to read John chapter 15 every day for a whole month. (Love that!)

Angie Smith, who writes Bible studies, shared that when she became a Christian, she was intimidated by the Bible. So she bought a children’s Bible to help her understand the stories of the Bible better. (Now THAT is a cool idea!)

There are Bible apps where we can listen to scripture being read aloud. (This is a great thing to do while doing hair and makeup in the mornings.)

Listening to Christian podcasts can help with the interpretation of the scripture. (This is one of my personal favorites!)

I also find it helpful to write verses down. I write scriptures down on index cards or print them out and hang them up around my house.  So when I pass by them, I can practice meditating on them and memorizing them. (I have several scriptures about controlling my tongue posted in my kitchen. I need a LOT of work on that!)

The Bible can be overwhelming. It overwhelms me sometimes.

Rick Warren says that the deepest sermons are not the ones with great doctrine or theology. The greatest sermons are the ones that change us.

The same is true for God’s Word.

The most powerful scriptures are the ones that produce change in our lives.

If we want to be more like Christ, if we want to think like Him, talk like Him, and act like Him, what better way to do that than to read the love letter He wrote to us.

So today, before you reach for your phone, grab your Bible. Before you start on your “to do” list, read His List.

Lysa Terkeurst says when we wake up in the morning, “we must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world.”

Oh, that’s good stuff!

So don’t get bogged down about the amount of scripture you read. Don’t let the time stress you out. Just enjoy spending a few treasured moments in God’s presence. Let the riches of His Word steep deep into your soul.

And if you let it, it will begin to change your identity.  You will become more like Him.

Have a wonderful day!

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