Treasure Your Gifts

“Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.”  Psalm 127:3

My principal did something really special at our faculty meeting before school started. She gave us all a gift bag and inside was our class lists. She wanted to remind us that each and every child that stepped into our classrooms this year are our gifts.

What a powerful analogy.

It’s true. People are gifts.

How easily I forget that the people God has placed in my life are gifts. My husband is a gift. My daughter is a gift. My friends and family are gifts. Even the difficult people in my life are gifts (Ouch! That one was hard for me to type…but it’s the truth.)

I can just picture the Lord handing us these wrapped presents, anticipating how we will receive them, wondering if we will treasure them.

I wonder how our lives would be different if we treated the people around us like they were God’s special gifts to us. 

We need to thank the Lord every day for the people He has placed in our lives. I also think it is important to tell others how thankful we are for them whenever we have the opportunity.

People need to hear how much they mean to us. 

It has been a sobering week. A couple I have been praying for lost their precious gift. Their only 2 year old son lost his brave battle with cancer. I cannot begin to imagine how they feel. I know that they treasured every moment they had with their precious son.

It makes me sad to think of how many moments with others I have wasted and taken for granted. None of us have the promise of tomorrow. Our gifts are not promised to always be there. We have to cherish them while we have them.

I am also reminded of another gift God gave us. The gift of His one and only Son. Jesus is the greatest gift God has ever given to us. Through Him we have the gift of grace, love, forgiveness, and hope. When we receive the gift of God’s Son, we receive not only life changing freedom here on earth, but the promise of eternal life in heaven one day. What we do with the gift of Jesus Christ is the most important decision we will ever make.

Let’s remember today that the people God has placed in our lives are our gifts. The packages come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have fancy bows and ribbons. Others don’t. But they are all gifts. Special gifts. Gifts from God. Unwrap them carefully. Handle them with care. Treasure them. The Lord is watching and waiting to see how we will cherish His gifts.

What are some practical ways you can treasure the gifts in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend.

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