Conversations with God


Sure, it’s important to have a designated quiet time where we carve out time to pray and read our Bibles.

But it’s also important to have on-going conversations with God throughout the day. The Bible tells us to “pray continually” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Sometimes I’ll be walking in the hallway at school and whisper, “Lord, I love you. Thank you for being my friend.” Or I’ll be in a conversation with someone who is sharing with me, and I’ll pray in my mind, “Lord, please give me the words to encourage this friend.”

There are lots of ways to pray continually throughout the day.

Many people tend to think that prayer has to be formal. We have all heard people pray those lofty flowery prayers complete with the “thee’s” and “thou’s.”

If we aren’t careful, we can lock ourselves into that mentality. Then we end up not doing it at all because we are too intimidated that we won’t do it right.

But what if we were to think about prayer this way–sitting across the table from someone just having a conversation?

That’s exactly how the Lord wants us to treat Him.

Praying continually is having on-going conversations with God. 

I read a Christian book one time where the author wrote about taking the Lord out on a date.

My dad does this with the Lord sometimes. I’ve called him on my way to school in the morning and when I asked him what he’s doing. He told me, “I’m at McDonald’s, having breakfast with the Lord.”

My dad has also shared that he will even be driving in the car–praying–and he will pat the passenger seat as if he’s patting the Lord on the leg and tell God that he loves Him–just like he used to do with his daddy.

I just love that!

I think the Lord likes that too. He wants to be involved in our day-to-day lives. He wants to be treated like He’s real–because He is!

One thought on “Conversations with God

  1. I love this. I often find myself praying when I’m at the school. Prayer does work. I too will not pray aloud or in front of people because I feel as if I’m not doing it right.

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