Our Father’s Business



By Les Turner
As we come into another holiday season with family, a family that is not perfect and at times quite challenging, we need to remember Jesus and His family.

Does Jesus have anything to say about dealing with relatives? Is there an example of Jesus bringing peace to a painful family?

Yes, His own.

Does it surprise you that Jesus had a family at all? You may not be aware, but Jesus did have brothers and sisters.  Mark wrote about Jesus’ critics in His hometown, “Jesus is the carpenter, Son of Mary, and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon, and His sisters are here with us.” Mark 6:3

It may also surprise you to know that His family was not perfect.

If your family does not appreciate you, take heart, neither did Jesus’.

At one point they criticized Him for not being who He said He was.  Yet He did not try to control them or their behavior, nor did He let them control His. He did not demand they agree with Him. He did not pout when they insulted Him. He did not disown them. It was not His life’s mission to please them.

He stated to His parents when He stayed behind in Jerusalem. “Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”

And we must also be about our Father’s business.

So remember that at this time of year. It can stressful, demanding, frustrating, and all the adjectives we can come up with.

But we are called to love the Lord God with all our hearts and our neighbors (family) as ourselves.

So take this opportunity to possibly mend fences, right wrongs, and make this a Joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

(Inspiration from Max Lucado)

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