Stepping Out of Canaan

Guest Post by Adrian Johnson



“I will go down to Egypt with you and I will surely bring you back again.” Genesis 46:4


In this verse, the Lord speaks to Jacob as he prepares to meet his son Joseph in Egypt.


Jacob didn’t vocalize his fear of Egypt, but the Lord knew how hard it would be to move to a new place. He rescued Jacob by reminding him of the promise that his descendants would inhabit Canaan once again.


We can be sure that when the Lord calls us to a new place–an uncomfortable journey, or a scary destination, that HE will be with us. And He will be faithful to bring us back.


God blesses obedience abundantly.


Where is the Lord leading you that you are afraid to go?


You can trust His promises and know that He will walk with you every step of the journey. You may be stepping out of “Canaan,” but the unseen blessings of “Egypt” will be worth it!


The blessings far outweighs the fear!

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