Get the Shovel


Isaac reopened the wells his father had dug. The Philistines had stopped them up after Abraham died. But Isaac reopened them and named them the same names his father had called them.

I love this family legacy! I love that these were wells that Isaac’s father, Abraham, had dug!

Wells have water and water is essential to life.

This passage made me think about the beautiful legacy of flowing wells in my own life! My parents sent me to a Christian school. I grew up going to an amazing church. It was there that I was introduced to Jesus and fell in love with Him. I have been so blessed throughout my life to be surrounded by beautiful believers who have invested in me and poured truth into my life!

They have helped dig wells of fresh water for my soul!

Just like those Philistines, the world and Satan continually try to stop up my wells! They try to clog them up with dirt—junk, worldly passions, desires, busyness, and sin.

I have to ask myself, “What wells in my life need to be reopened so that the fresh water of truth can flow?”

In order to unclog those stopped up wells, it takes action on my part. I have to get my shovel (God’s Word) and start digging out the dirt. I need to surround myself with Godly people who will speak truth into my life and tell me hard things, not just what I want to hear. I have to confess my sin and repent so that fresh water can once again flow in and through the wells of my heart!
Lord, please reveal to me any wells that are stopped up that I need to dig out. As I read Your Word, may Your Word read me. I want Your fresh water of life to flow in and through me! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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