I couldn’t wait for her to get in the car so I could hear about her day. I waited in the car line at school for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I saw her! And my baby girl be-bopped over to the car and got in.

“Callie, tell me all about your day!”

My daughter had been in kindergarten for three days. I didn’t realize how hard this would be on me. I missed my little shadow so much! We did everything together. Kindergarten has been such a huge milestone for her—and me! All day I thought about her. I anticipated what she would say about her day. I wanted to hear all about what she’s learning, the new friends she was making, lunch, recess, related arts—everything!

The highlight of my day is hearing about her day!

She strapped her seatbelt on and said, “No Mom! I’m not telling you about my day!”

I knew she was tired! This had been a long exhausting week for her. I knew I needed to be sensitive of that—but it still hurt my feelings! We rode home in silence as I tried to sort through my emotions.

We worked it out. And later she did tell me about her day! And I loved every second of it!

That night as I reflected on that situation, I wondered how often I treat the Lord like that. Could the highlight of His day be hearing from His children? But how often am I too busy doing other things? Too tired. Too caught up in my own stuff. I might not actually say it with my mouth, but my actions reflect it. Oh how the Lord teaches me such truths through parenting! It’s crazy and blows my mind that God desires a relationship with us!

When I was in college I took a difficult class and there was a test I studied really hard for. I made a good grade on it and I was so excited! I remember booking it to the car so I could call my dad and tell him. I couldn’t wait to tell him about my good grade. He knew how hard I had studied for that test. Dad was always proud and excited for me! I finally got the car. I reached over for my cell phone and just as I was about to dial the number the Lord spoke to my heart.

“Rachel, tell Me first!”

He doesn’t do that often but when He does it always stops me in my tracks.

So I put the phone down and told the Lord FIRST about my good grade.

The Lord of all creation wants to hear from His children! He wants to hear about the things that bother us.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

He wants to hear about our failures and successes, our highs and lows. He wants us to continually be in communication with Him.

“Pray continually,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

God is always drawing us to Himself. He wants a relationship with us. I don’t understand it. I can’t describe it. But when you experience that closeness with Him, there’s nothing in the world like it.

There’s nothing in the world like Him!

Peter said, “Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,” 1 Peter 1:8

I read this verse last week and it beautifully sums up what happens to so many people when they encounter Jesus.

“As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.” Mark 9:14-15

He alone is the perpetual novelty in life.

It’s getting late. The dishes are done. Teeth are brushed. Pjs are on. Callie’s asleep. The dogs have settled down for the night. I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I walk to the bed and pull back the covers. I’m about to slip in when I hear Him whisper to my heart.

“Come tell Me about your day!”

I smile. I picture Him waiting for me on the back porch steps—just like I was waiting for Callie in that car line. I have a new perspective now.

Gotta go! Don’t want to keep Him waiting.

Oh, just one more thing—-

He’s waiting for you too!

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