Tell Him About Your Day

By Rachel Stewart

“Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” Genesis 5:24

The Lord is very real, and I believe that He wants to be treated like He is real. He wants to spend time with us, “walk” with us.  God desires a friendship with us.  I love the wording in the verse above about Enoch.  “Enoch walked with God…”  When I read that I picture them just walking down the street together, hanging out, enjoying sweet fellowship.  Sharing stories. Listening. Laughing.

Something the Lord showed me early on in my relationship with Him was to treat Him as if he were a close friend just sitting across from me at the dinner table or hanging out on the couch in my living room.

Please don’t misunderstand. I think it is very important to give God the reverence He deserves. Talking to the God of all creation is a really BIG DEAL and should not be taken for granted. I think that it is important to praise Him, lift up prayer requests, pray scriptures, worship Him.  But I also believe that He wants us to talk to Him and tell Him what’s going on in our lives.  He wants us to tell Him about the situations that we are facing and need advice on.  I believe He wants us to even tell Him about our day, what we did, where we went, who we spent time with, etc.

But Rachel, doesn’t God already know the situations we are facing?  Doesn’t He know everything we do all day long?  I mean, He has the very hairs on our heads numbered.

Yes, He does.  That is all very true. But think about it this way.

I LOVE for Callie to tell me about her day. I get such a kick out of listening to her rendition of how her day went.  I love hearing her little voice.  I love her wrong usage of verb tenses.  I might even have been with her all day long and KNOW everything she did, but I still love to hear HER share her day with me.

Don’t you think the Lord is the same way with us? Just like we are crazy about our children, God is CRAZY about us. He created us because He loves us and wants a relationship with us. And His number one love language is quality time. He loves for us to spend time with Him, talking to Him…and like Enoch…walking with Him.

In college, I remember taking a really hard test and making a good grade on it.  I was so excited because I had studied really hard.  I got in my car and immediately reached for my cell phone to call my dad and tell him the good news.  Then suddenly I heard a voice in my mind that stopped me in my tracks, “Rachel, tell ME first!”  Tears welled up in my eyes.  I put the cell phone down and told the Lord all about my good test grade.  That was such a sweet memory for me. Truly when He speaks, His sheep know His voice.  The Lord wanted me to tell Him FIRST about my test grade. He already knew, but He wanted to hear it from ME.

I love to tell the Lord about my day.  I don’t always do it.  Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I fall asleep before I finish telling Him.  But I believe with all my heart that THIS is the kind of relationship that Enoch had as he walked with his God.  And I believe that this is the kind of relationship that God wants with His children.

Like Enoch, let’s take time to walk with our wonderful Friend, the Lord. And don’t forget to tell Him all about your day! He can’t wait to hear all about it-from YOU!

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