Our Unbreakable Spiritual Lifeline

By Jasmine Perdue

Hebrews 6:18-20 MSG
“We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God where Jesus, running on ahead of us, has taken up his permanent post as high priest for us.”

God cannot lie.  His words are unbreakable.  His promises can be banked on.  I am beyond grateful that God’s words and promises are signed, sealed, and delivered.  We don’t have to worry when we are going through trials that He has fled the scene. When we are questioning His heart, we do not have to doubt His goodness.  When we are wondering “why,” we do not have to question His faithfulness.  When we are grieving, we do not have to worry because He is working it all for our good.

You see, our God gave us this love letter full of promises that are guaranteed, paid in full, unbreakable, and unchanging.

Verse 19 says we have an unbreakable spiritual lifeline.  When I read that I started using my imagination.  I thought of a rope tied to the Lord.  As Christians, we may feel like at times we are in a bad storm and the waves are crashing all over us.  We can see the rope that the Lord has cast for us, but we can’t see Him yet.  We are holding onto the unbreakable rope that is connected to Jesus, and as long as we put our faith in Him, our grip on the rope holds firm. He will pull us to Himself and into His very presence.

When we feel His hand reaching for us, suddenly the waves don’t hurt as bad.  Suddenly our eyes are not on the storm anymore but on the unbreakable strength and promises of God.  He never left us.  His hand was always outstretched.  The storm never overpowered His strength.  And when we rise above the storm and finally reach the calm waters, we will be able to look back and see all the fulfilled promises of God.

A Note About Jasmine:

I am a wife of six years to my husband Devin and a mother to our one year old son Landon. I am a homemaker and absolutely love it! I grew up in a Christian home and received Christ at a very young age. As I became an adult, experienced some independence and entered the workplace, I unfortunately allowed the world to influence my life in a very negative way. I wondered away from the Lord and His standards and found myself in some debilitating health conditions that pulled me out of the workplace.

I knew the Lord had been dealing with me for a while and I refused to listen. I believe because of my disobedience, the Lord decided to remove me physically from my job and my peers. At first it seemed like we were not going to be able to pay our bills and over the next two years I lost two children.

BUT, what was some of the darkest times in my life God has used to bring me back to Himself in a way that is indescribable! He got me to a place where I was totally dependent on Him for my marriage, my health, our finances, and the future family we were trying so hard for. During this season I sought the Lord in a way I never had before. I experienced His financial provisions every month, my marriage became stronger, and I experienced His powerful peace and grace in loss that was unexplainable!

Four years ago the Lord turned my whole world upside down and it has been an unbelievable blessing ever since! God is faithful! God is just! God provides! I am so thankful that God did not give up on me! He never turned His back on me! I never strayed too far not to be forgiven! He drew me back to Himself and my faith has never been stronger!

I desire so much to encourage women to be radically different in their walks with Christ…to experience His presence, true fulfillment and happiness in the place He has called you to be! I am honored to share in this life journey with you!

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