Taking Control

Today’s post is by a guest writer, Pam Matney.  Read and enjoy. You will be blessed by her tender heart and love for the Lord.

“Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.”  Galatians 5:25

I read a devotion that talked about how we pray and ask God for things we can answer on our own. What if we asked God for things only He could answer? While reading in Galatians, I read this scripture and it reminded me of that devotion. We are children of God and us believing means we have the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Are we allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us to take control, even in the areas we have no control over?

A little about me, I was diagnosed with OCD in 2014 and this is something I have no control over at times. I will have unwanted, unrealistic thoughts and I obsess on them. The more I don’t have control the more anxious I become.

Don’t we all fight for control?

In the business world, you work to obtain more control, to reach for the top. As parents, we take control with our children. In our marriage, we want control, to have our way. Sometimes we can be grown children, whining to get our way so we can ultimately gain control.

Leading. What does that word mean? When we were children we play follow the leader, that person takes control and we do what the leader does or guides us to do. In the scripture, it clearly tells us to follow the Spirit’s leading. Are we acting like the leader? Are we doing what the leader or scripture tells us to do? Better yet, do we allow Him to lead in EVERY part of our lives?

I struggle with that one.

It’s easy to run to God when we are in trouble, it’s easy to ask Him for help when we aren’t getting what we think we need. Do I allow the Spirit to lead me to pray for that person on the spot when I feel Him poking me heart to do so? Do I follow His lead when I need to apologize to my husband for “flying off the handle?”

The Spirit wants to lead us even in the smallest details.

Are you giving Him that much control in your life? Am I?

We need to stop picking and choosing what we allow God to control in our lives.

If we are His children, He will ALWAYS know what is the best for us, why not surrender and let us play, “Follow the Leader” with the Holy Spirit taking the lead.

Lord, thank you for loving us so much to want to guide us in every aspect of our lives. You sent us the Holy Spirit to be the lead for us so we wouldn’t have to worry or fret about anything this life throws at us. Remind us today to allow you to control us, instead of us trying to control the needs and wants in our lives and families. We love you Lord and thank you for allowing us to be your children. In Jesus name, Amen.

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