Just Him

By Brandi Hignight


Have you ever noticed the context around Elijah being in the Lord’s presence? It is one of being afraid, running for his life. He wanted death. He’d had enough. (1 Kings 19:3-4)

The small whisper (1 Kings 19:11 -13).

I would think there is precedence for Elijah (and us) to believe God is in the wind, in the earthquake, and in the fire. I would see the wind and think, “Okay, there He is! I can go now.”

I would have left too soon and missed Him.

There is not a silver bullet. God can get our attention anyway He wants.

He knows us, and if we know Him, we will know His voice.

When Elijah heard what is described as “a voice–a soft whisper”
Verse 13 says, “When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle.”

God got his attention. So personal. Humble. Not flashy. Gentle Lord and Elijah was undone. It was just what he needed.

“What are you doing here, Elijah?” (v.9)

Elijah knew God was mighty (threw fire on the altar (1 Kings 18), raised people from the dead (1 Kings 17)). Though he still needed reminding.

But was He kind? Was He good? Elijah needed encouragement. He felt alone in the world. Ready to give up. Throw in the towel. He needed God when he felt small and alone. And look how God met him there, discouraged.

Just Him.

“Lord, open my eyes to see You for You. Not Your stuff. Just You. Where You are. Doing what You’re doing. Lest I become stagnant and try to manipulate a sovereign moment.”


Your child

One thought on “Just Him

  1. Brandi, so many things spoke to me in your post. “I would have left too soon and missed Him.” Oh, how often have I done this very thing!!!

    Those who are close to Him, know Him and know His voice. I need to continually seek to get close to Him.

    Then seeking just Him, not His stuff and what He can give, just Him. Why isn’t He enough in my life? I think I need other things, when, all I really need is just Him. He is more than enough! Love your heart! When I think of someone who is close to His heart, I think of you!


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