Stand Firm 

By Rachel Stewart 

 I so badly want to be faithful! To stand firm in Him…to be unmoveable. I realize that I cannot do it alone. I desperately need Him! I have to be rooted and grounded in Him. It’s only in Him that I can stand firm!

Christine Caine said, “Trials and storms will come to you. Obstacles will rise up. Challenges will multiply. There’s always a fight in the exchange zone. The enemy comes at us hard. His goal is to stop us! Why? Because he has so much to lose. If he can persuade us to drop our batons, to stop running, imagine all the future handoffs and releases he would prevent. If he can tempt us to walk out of the race, not only will our spiritual lives grow stagnant but our influence in this world will diminish as well.” 

 -from her book “Unstoppable” 

Let’s remain faithful. Faithful in prayer. Faithful to His Word. Faithful to the calling He has placed on our lives.  
If we devote ourselves whole heartedly to Him, our lives will have significant meaning! Our labor will NOT be in vain. This race is ours to win. We just have to stay focused on the PRIZE…Jesus Christ!  
Hope you have a great day! If you have a chance to share today, please do. I love to hear what the Lord is showing you too! We are in this race together, and I’m so glad I’m not running alone! 🙂 

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