We Have To Be Intentional


In one of Rick Warren’s sermons, he said that I will never become the woman God intends for me to be unless I INTEND to become that woman. I have to be intentional. It’s not just going to happen by accident or chance.

I have to plan to become a woman of God. I have to make time in my schedule. I have to put in the work and effort.

So how am I spending my time? There’s only 24 hours in a day.  I think a lot of times I think, “Ok, I’ve got this and this and this to do.  Then I have to spend some time with God.”  See, I’ve got it all backwards.  It’s not about “fitting” God into my day somehow on top of everything else I have to do.  It’s “First, I am going to spend time with God, then do this and this and that.”  He’s got to be first.  If I fill up my bucket of life with everything else, then try to put Him on top, my time with Him is going to get knocked out.

In an article I read it said, “Often, we get the impression that taking our faith more seriously means adding a bunch of spiritual activities to our crazy busy lives.  But drawing nearer to God is more about subtracting.”

“More about subtracting”–WOW!!!   So I started thinking about my 24 -hour day.  Yes, it’s busy!  Yes, I have jobs and responsibilities I have to do.

But what can I SUBTRACT from my life in order to ADD more of God in?

I know that anytime I have put Him first and have made Him my number one priority, everything else just seemed to fall into place.  And it’s like He multiplied my time.

Only God can turn subtraction into multiplication!!!

Here’s what I’m trying to say today.  Let’s not get burned out!  Let’s dig our heels in deep, hold our ground, and determine we are in this race together to PRESS ON and run hard after Christ!  Let’s be faithful to do what He’s called us to do.  Let’s not give up…even when we mess up and fall short!  Let’s be INTENTIONAL about being men and women of God!  Whether it’s getting up earlier, turning off the TV, putting down the magazine, spending less time on the Internet, whatever it is–let’s do it!  It is worth it!  HE is worth it!

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