Standing on the Promises

By Jasmine Perdue


During Sunday school class my mom talked about standing on the promises of God. She talked about Abram and how at 75 years old God told him, “If you are able to count the stars in the sky then that is how numerous your offspring will be” (Genesis 15:5). The funny thing was that Abram did not even have a child at that time.

The natural reaction would have been to doubt that he heard God right. Or maybe be like Sarah and laugh thinking perhaps God forgot that he is not exactly in his childbearing prime age. The list of possible doubts could have gone on and on.

But, Abraham did not doubt. In Genesis 15:6 it says, “Abram believed the Lord.”

Wow!! That is it! Plain and simple with no questions asked!

“God said it, so I believe it!” was Abram’s response. What incredible faith! He did not let any obstacles distract him from believing the promise of God!

He chose to dwell not on what he could see but on what he could not see!

Is that not faith? Later in the story we see the promise of God fulfilled in incredible ways!

This morning I got to thinking about the story of David and Goliath. All of David’s brothers and peers thought David was way too small to fight Goliath. I am sure they thought he had a death wish and that he had lost his mind when he agreed to fight. That was the difference in him and everybody else.

He chose to dwell on the unseen and not the seen! Sure he knew Goliath was 9 feet tall but he knew his God was bigger! No questions asked– just faith! We see God did immeasurable things through David’s faith and obedience!

What about Noah? God told him to build an ark because He was going to send a flood. If that were me I would have had a list of questions a mile long. I am pretty sure I would have asked that God clarify by writing it in the sky for me. Did he quit when he was made fun of? Did he ask a bunch of questions and ignore God? No! He didn’t! He heard the plan and he stuck to the plan! He had the faith that His God was bigger than anything he could see so he would claim and stand on the promise of God. Boy, did the Lord ever keep his promise by saving only Noah, his family, and animals.

The Scripture is full of countless stories just like these where God promised, the people obeyed in faith, and God fulfilled His promises in ways far bigger than what could be seen!

The Lord cannot lie! What He says is a promise that can be banked on!

No matter how small your bank account is, God has promised to meet all your needs! No matter how lonely you are, God promised to NEVER leave you or forsake you! No matter how confused you are, God promised that He is not a God of confusion! No matter how much you are hurting, God promised that He is the God of all comfort! No matter how bad you have sinned, God promised that if you confess it He will remove your sin as far as the east is from the west and remember them no more! Praise God!! No matter how lost you feel, God promises that He will direct your path if you will trust Him!

I could write for days on the countless promises of God! But the promises of God will not help you at all if you do not find them in the Word of God, claim them, memorize them and have the faith to look beyond the seen and dwell on the unseen! To believe with all your heart that regardless of how big the trial you are facing that you serve a God that is far far bigger!

Thank you Lord that we can stand on Your promises! Thank you that You will never fail us! You will never lie to us! Thank you for the peace that Your promises provide! Help us Lord to always have the faith to look beyond our human limitations and dwell on the limitless power of our God!

I stumbled across this website and thought it might be helpful. It covers multiple issues that we face daily and a couple of scriptures with the promises of God on that issue. It will bless your heart to just take a few moments and read over some of them!

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