What’s Your Rainbow?



Whenever God sees a rainbow, He remembers the covenant He made with Noah never to destroy the world again with water.

God remembers His promises!

Now if God gave Himself a sign to remember His promises, how much more should we?

I need major help remembering things. The older I get, the more I tend to forget. And if I don’t write stuff down, it’s gone. I constantly use that “Notes” app on my phone. I write information down on post-its and paper pads I have scattered all over the house. Sometimes if there’s no paper around, I write reminders on my hand.

If it’s important, I need to remember it.

God’s Word is full of promises that we need to remember. In one sermon I heard the pastor say that there are over 7,000 promises in the Bible. Wow! That’s a LOT of promises! But do we know them? How can we remember them if we don’t even know what they are?

And sadly we don’t know what they are because we don’t take the time to read God’s Word.

It’s like we have been given a check that we haven’t cashed.

God’s promises are there, but until we know them and claim them, they won’t do us any good. An un-cashed check isn’t reaping any dividends just sitting in your wallet.

And when the storms of life hit, and they surely will, we need to be able to remember and recall the promises of God. When the flood comes, we must get on the ark of God’s promises or we will surely drown.

We need a rainbow!

So what’s your rainbow? What are some signs that you have intentionally set before you to help you remember God’s promises?

One of my rainbows is my “Daily Declarations.” This has helped me remember God’s promises through speaking God’s promises aloud to myself on a regular basis.  I also have some that I speak over my daughter Callie. Just think about your areas of struggle, then look up promises in the Bible that combat those areas and make statements or prayers out of them. Click on the link below if you want to see/use mine.


Another rainbow for me is my rock pile of answered prayers. This was an idea a friend gave me last year. Just write on each of the rocks in a sharpie marker a date and prayer that the Lord answered. Then you have that rock pile of answered prayers to look back on through the years. Whenever you see them, you will remember all the wonderful things the Lord has done.


Finally, my prayer journal is one of my rainbows. When someone has a request, I write it down and mark it with a date. Then I go back and update it as prayers are answered. It is amazing to look back and see all the prayers God has answered. I would have forgotten so many answered prayers if I had not written them down.



It’s so important to remember God’s promises. But we can’t remember what we don’t know. And we need our own rainbows to help us remember.

It’s so neat to look up in the sky after it rains and see a beautiful rainbow. Whenever we see one, we remember God’s promise to Noah. And every time, God remembers too.

Our God remembers.

And He always keeps His promises.





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