Not Self-Made

blessing 1

Legend has it that a young corporal once approached Winston Churchill and said, “Sir, I want you to know that I am a self-made man.”

Churchill replied, “Young man, you have just relieved God of a solemn responsibility.”

None of us are “self-made.”

I am not just me. You are not just you. No doubt, God created us all with individual and unique qualities. But we are also designed to be in community with one another. And because of that, our lives are very intertwined and influenced by those around us. We are not self-made. Far from it. We are who we are because of God and the many people who have invested in our lives.

Let me ask a question. What have you ever accomplished by yourself? The answer is “Nothing.”  I have always had a support group for anything I have ever accomplished in my life. When I learned to read, it was because a teacher took time to teach me. When I won a game in sports, it was because I had a good team and a great coach. As a teacher, if I have a good idea, it’s usually because other teachers have taken the time to share their ideas with me.

There are many influences in our lives who have helped shape us into who we are.

Sometimes Skip can tell who I am talking to on the phone just from the way I interact with that person. Certain people bring out different aspects of us. People are so unique, and we relate to different people in different ways.

My granny and I were close. Real close. We were so much alike, in looks, personality, and mannerisms. I remember when she died, I felt like a piece of me died with her. In our interactions and relationship, she brought out a side of me that no one else has or ever will.

People are irreplaceable. 

The older I get, the more I realize how hard life can be.

Holidays can be wonderful, but they can also be extremely difficult for many people. I have close friends who lost their son this past year. This will be their first Thanksgiving without him at their table. Another sweet friend’s husband is fighting cancer. I can’t imagine their pain, especially this time of year.

Life is precious.

People are treasures.

blessing tree

My daughter and I do a little “Blessing Tree” in the month of November. We write on leaves our “blessings” we are thankful for. As I have been thinking about my many blessings this Thanksgiving, one stands out. My people. I am so very thankful for the beautiful legacy of all the people throughout my life who have invested in me. The people who have helped me become the woman I am today. The people who have loved me unconditionally, forgiven me, and put up with my craziness. The people who have helped me fall in love with Jesus. My parents, grandparents, teachers, my amazing husband, daughter, precious friends, church family, coworkers, students, and YOU.

Thank you. I am so thankful I am not a self-made woman!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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